Brett Lowe

I have been involved in all things digital for the last 19 years. I can still clearly recall the first banner advertisement that I clicked on in 1998 and using the Back Button to get back to my Hotmail email inbox. All this on a little MWEB Black Box 56kb, dial up modem. Some of my other highlights were trafficking the banners for the first Dynamic Logic brand recall study on the Dove banners That was in 2002 and I remember working till 3am the one night, testing and re-testing.

Some of my past adventures have been getting targeted till slip messaging done based on tender type at POS. This  led to one of the most successful campaigns for a big banking brand. I also tested using a free music track to increase sales in stores on a big FMCG brand with disappointing results. 

Currently working with Capitec Bank out in Stellenbosch in the Innovation and Client Insights team. Doing some pretty fun stuff and still learning which is great. 

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Just a reminder that all views expressed on this website are my own and have nothing to do with any company that I am currently working with or consulting to.